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LED your products shine on the shelf!

Increase your product’s visibility in-store by adding a built-in moving LED text display to your SHELF DIVIDER campaign. A guaranteed eye-catcher and an increased stopping effect ! You can personalize your message and choose the color of the LEDS (blue, red or green).

A SHELF DIVIDER campaign equipped with a built-in moving LED text display, can be used to put your product extra in the spotlight. 

Market retail insights

  • Up to 85% sales uplift (value) for a new product with a shelf divider campaign*
  • 66% of consumers feel closer to a brand that communicates in the shop**
  • 46% of consumers consider communication at the point of sale to be the most useful**

*Nielsen 2016 – beauty care one new product “In-store Promotion Impact"
**LISTEN "Consumers’ perception of promotion" 2017



Why shelf divider led?

Your product in the spotlight
Increases your brand identity and your brand awareness
Impact of a built-in moving LED text display
Recruitment of new customers
Reminder of your media campaigns
A guaranteed Sales uplift
Highlight your products on the shelf