Cash point - reduction - couponing - instore promotion

Cash Pack

Quickly react and implement a promotional in-store campaign

CASH PACK is a discount voucher placed on your product (sticker or on-pack coupon). This promotional tool can be tailor-made for your packaging. 

Cash Pack coupons are ideally suited for temporary in-store campaigns, with no need to repackage your product. Our merchandising team can easily stick your coupons or promotional messages onto your product. This method is perfect for couponing, price-cuts, cash backs,…

Market insights

  • 92% of consumers prefer to do their shopping at a physical POS* 
  • 67% of all purchasing decisions are made at the POS**
  • Millions of people visit an FMCG retailer every day
  • *LISTEN "Consumers' perception of promotion" 2017
    **POPAI 2015


Why Cash Pack?

Fast set-up of your in-store campaign
Triggers impulsive purchases
Easy handling and application of on-pack coupons
All-in services from production to placement
The perfect solution for a promotional response to a competitor
Resolves overstock issues in the short term
The Cash Pack coupon is ideal for a temporary offer, with no need to repackage your product