Artificial Intelligence,
Make the change.

Artificial Intelligence will help brands and retailers to understand and develop better couponing action. HighCo Shopper is investing in this new technology for and with its clients. Be part of the new revolution in retailing and let us work for you.

Be part of the A.I revolution

Our Core Features


The HighCo model has been developed by mathematicians and experts in Machine Learning and is learning fast.


Brands or retailers send us their available data, which enriches the model. They receive their personal analysis in return.

Easy Pricing

According to the complexity, data quality,... you will have to pay a small amount.

Easy Output

Your brand managers, promotion experts,... do not need a double PhD. The output for your teams is simple, while the complexity of the model itself is very high.


We want you to spent your money in an intelligent way.

Evolutive, not a one shot

We will model your (couponing) dynamics, than develop predictive analysis.

Designed By Professionals , The Benefit of experts for Belgium

Some of Belgium greatest data experts, engineers, mathematicians have been working on the model in order to bring great insights to the Belgian couponing market.

Why Choose “HighCo A.I.” ?

Market experts meet data experts

HighCo Shopper has been an important player in the retail and FMCG business. We don’t want to invest in technology, we are part of it. HighCo developed the model, but you (brand or retailer) will have to feed the model. Trust our model, and you will get insights you dreamt about !

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What is the output?

Depending on the products, we will give you KPI’s leading to Promotional Effectiveness. As the model is young, we will have to rely on category or segment data, but very soon you will have personal features. Depending on how close you want to get with our model...

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